2020 Rules



The following rules and code of conduct apply to all teams, teachers, players and their respective school body competing in the 2020 Queensland League of Legends High School Championship.


These rules apply to all related events however additional rule sets may be released to accompany specialised events and/or tournaments throughout the year.


The purpose of these rules is to uphold and maintain a safe, standardized and fair playing-field for all participants and avoid any ambiguity that comes with the new industry.

1. Acceptance


   1.1 By registering in the 2020 State Championships each participant and teacher acknowledges that these official rules apply to themselves as an individual and team.

2. Player & Team Eligibility

   2.1 Students must be registered at a Queensland High School


   2.2 Be in grade 8 - 12 and at least 13 years old


   2.3 Hold an active OCE League of Legends account under their own name and email


   2.4 Students must be registered at the same school to form one team. 

Teachers may request a waiver to enter an external student if the member is between the age of 13 and 18 and is a distance education or home-schooled student. 


   2.5 Each player must have a minimum of Honor Level 2 to participate in the tournament. 

If the honor level drops below 2 (level 0 or 1) during the season the player will be expected to increase their honor rating as soon as possible and keep their teachers up to date on their progress. Players who drop below honor 2 during the season will be suspended until they are able to achieve level 2 or higher. 

3. Rosters


   3.1 Registration. All players must be registered to a team from the same school. 

   3.2 Members. Each team must consist of 5 - 8 players (5 core players and up to 3 substitutes).

   3.3 Team Captains. Teachers may select a team captain to help them organise match days and training days. 


   3.4 Starting Roster. Teachers can edit the starting roster up to 24 hours before the scheduled match by alerting administration via email or discord and only registered players may be used on the starting roster. 

   3.5 Substitutes. Substitutes can play between different teams from the same school providing they are pre-registered to those teams and their skill level does not exceed the division that they are playing for. Eg. A diamond player can not substitute for a team in the Beginner Division.

4. Summoner Names

   4.1 Summoner names must be appropriate and not contain any offensive language or vulgarities. 

If the administration team deems a Summoner Name inappropriate the player will have to change their username at their own expense. 

5. Team Names

   5.1 Format. Team names must include all or part of the school name. Such as "Kelvin Cougars"  or "Kelvin Reds" (Kelvin Grove State College)

   5.2 Approval. Teachers must approve both the summoner names and team names before registering. 

6. Match Process

   6.1 Timings and setup. 

  • Matches will commence every Tuesday between 4:20 - 4:30 PM (10 minute window to kick-off)

  • Teams are required to launch the League of Legends client at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled match time in order to resolve any technical difficulties.

  • Game Clients should be updated by Monday every week. Students can do this by simply logging into their League of Legends account before game day and the client will automatically update. 

  • Teams are required to join the match lobby at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled match time. Lobby codes will be available on toornament.com the week prior to the scheduled match date. 

   6.2 Open bracket timings. Match timeliness is important to uphold for all teams. Strategies to mitigate delays should be implemented in order to avoid late start times. For open-bracket teams that fail to ready up by 4:30PM the following penalties will be issued:


  4:30PM match commence after 

  • 4:35PM = lose 1 x ban

  • 4:40PM = lose 2 x ban

  • 4:45PM = lose all bans

      Match forfeit if team fails to ready up by 4:50PM


   6.3 Beginner bracket timings. For the beginner bracket, match forfeit if team fails to ready up by 4:45 PM AEST. 


   6.4 Ready up. Teams may not start a match if their opponent is not present and ready. Scheduled matches are for 4:30 PM though we encourage teams to join their lobby anytime from 4 PM. Games may start early if both teams are ready.


   6.5 Lack of players. If one team has less than five (5) players available due to an unforeseen circumstance then the team with the lesser players can choose to play at a disadvantage (4 v 5 or 3 v 5) or forfeit the match after informing the opposition.

7. Game Rules

   7.1 Teams do not have to join lobby in LCS order. 

   7.2 Tournament Draft champion select issue. If the League client automatically picks an unintended champion, players may restart the draft phase. All champions selected until the unintended pick must remain the same. Champions selected after the unintended pick may be changed.

   7.3 Disconnection from game in Tournament Draft. If a player or team unintentionally disconnects due to issues with the game client, platform, network or PC. The game should be paused by typing forward-slash p ( /p ) until the player or team has reconnected. 

If a player needs to temporarily disconnect to either fix technical issues or there is a medical emergency they must pause the game  ( /p ) and alert the opposition and teacher before the player disconnects. If the player is disconnected for more than 10 minutes, or they disconnect  more than 3 times in the match then their team will be forced to continue to play at a disadvantage without them. 

If a player intentionally disconnects for reasons other than medical or technical and gives no explanation then they will not be allowed to reconnect to the match. Their team will be forced to continue to play at a disadvantage without them. 

Players who fail to adhere to this rule may be subject to penalties issued by administration. 

   7.4 Resuming the game. When the pausing team is ready to unpause both team captains must enter ‘r’ or ‘ready’ into the /all chat. 

   7.5 Disconnection from Blind Pick. If a player disconnects within the first 5 minutes of the game starting and it greatly affects the gameplay then the game should be remade entirely, using the same champions on both teams. Unfortunately if the player disconnects from minute 6+ then the game must continue without them until they are able to reconnect. 


   7.6 Game restart. The match may be restarted if the game experiences a critical bug at any point during the match which significantly alters gameplay. 


   7.7 Tournament Draft upon game restart. In the event that the game is restarted both teams must play the same champions that were originally selected. 


   7.8 Post-Game. 

  • Results will be recorded automatically. 

  • Players will identify any technical issues or behavioural issues with their teacher. 

  • Unsportsmanlike behaviour should be identified and brought to administration's attention or resolved between teachers as outlined in 10. Player Conduct and 11. Teacher Conduct. 


   7.9 Match points

  • Match win = 2 points

  • Match loss = 1 point

  • Forfeit = 0 points

8. Rescheduling


   8.1 Planned rescheduling. Upon receiving an official schedule Teachers may request administration to reschedule a match up to 2 weeks prior upon reasonable grounds E.g. School camp, training day etc. The administration team reserves the right to approve or deny the reschedule request. 


   8.2 Last-minute rescheduling. Within ten (10) working days of the proposed match day Teacher A may request a match reschedule as soon as possible with Teacher B from another school. If Teacher B cannot accommodate a reschedule then Teacher A  can choose to play at a disadvantage or forfeit. Teacher B reserves the right to approve or deny a rescheduled match within ten (10) working days of the scheduled match. 

   8.3 Approved days. When operating in the SWISS format matches may only be rescheduled to a time BEFORE the scheduled match day. E.g. Matches on Tuesdays 10th of March can only be rescheduled for the week prior or by Monday 9th March. When operating in the Round Robin format matches may be rescheduled to anytime within the regular season.

The administration team should be alerted with any changes to scheduled match times as soon as possible. 

9. Enrolment


   9.1 Team activation. All teams activated at registration deadline will be enrolled in the season. Activated teams will receive a match schedule and will be expected to compete in each match.


   9.2 Team deactivation. Teams may deactivate at anytime throughout the season by contacting administration. Once a team is deactivated they may not rejoin the current season.

10. Player Conduct 

   10.1 Expectations. To maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all individuals it is important that teams and players are professional and respectful at all times. This includes both in game, pre and post-game chat as well as the discord or lolqhs website. 


   10.2 Unfair play. 

The following actions will be considered unfair play and will be subject to penalties at the discretion of administration:


   10.2.1 Collusion: any agreement among two (2) or more players and/or confederates to disadvantage opposing players such as:

  • Soft play, which is defined as any agreement among two or more players to not damage, impede or otherwise play to a reasonable standard of competition in a game. 

  • Sending or receiving signals during game from someone who is not on the player’s team and currently in game with them. 

  • Using smurfs (unregistered players who generally have a high in-game skill level). 

  • Deliberately losing a game for compensation or any other reason.  


   10.2.2 Hacking: Using scripts or modifying the client in any way not intended by the developers Riot Games. This does not include changing in-game settings such as colour-blind mode or interface modification. 


   10.2.3 Intentional disconnection: If a player disconnects or quits the game on purpose. 


   10.2.4 Unnecessary pausing: If a player pauses during game without giving a proper reason. Especially if a player pauses just before or during an in-game team-fight. 


   10.2 Profanity and hate speech. A Team Member may not use language in or out of the game that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libelous, slanderous, defamatory or otherwise offensive or objectionable; or promote or incite hatred or discriminatory conduct in or near the match area at anytime. A Team Member may not use this type of language on social media or during any public facing events such as streaming. 


   10.3 Emotes. Emotes are expressive images or actions use in the client that allow players to express themselves without typing in chat. In order to avoid confusion or unintentional bad manners there is a blanket ban on all emotes and masteries. Each student must unbind their emotes from their hotkeys before game and can do this in the client by clicking on the ‘collection’ tab and ‘emotes’. 

11. Teacher Requirements


   11.1 Be responsible. Be responsible for all affiliated teams and players actions. Players should be reminded and understand that they are representing their school as well as themselves. Teachers may wish to implement their own management strategies or techniques to prevent and deal with undesirable behaviour such as bullying or harassment. 


   11.2 Communicate. Communicate with other teachers on match days to ensure matches start on time. Notify administration and the opposing team as soon as possible if any problems arise that may affect the team’s ability to start on time. 


Additionally it is often best to deal with conflict at the lowest level. Teachers may wish to resolve issues locally instead of bringing it up with administration. The administration team supports this so long as both parties are satisfied with the outcome. 


   11.3 Be present. Be present and contactable on match days via phone and/or email.  ​


   11.4 Uphold and enforce the rules. Ensure that each player has read and understood the rules

   11.5 Create a Toornament account in order to receive the weekly match codes that will enable each team to join the same lobby on match day.

Head to Toornament.com to create your account.

12. Spirit of the Rules


   12.1 Finality of Decisions. All decisions regarding the interpretation of these rules are final. Administration’s decisions with respect to these Rules cannot be appealed and shall not give rise to any claim for monetary damages or any other legal equitable remedy. 


   12.2 Rule Changes. These Rules may be amended, modified or supplemented by Administration from time to time to ensure fair play and the integrity of the tournament. Major changes to this document will be communicated. 

Last modified: 2 February 2021 

Contact administration if you have any questions or think something is missing that should be included. We're happy to hear your input!