How old do you have to be to compete in the tournament? 

The tournament is open for Queensland students from years 8 - 12 who are at least 13 years old. 


How many teams can compete in the tournament

Each school can enter more than one team. Each team should have 6 - 7 players. 5 core players and a couple of substitutes. Teachers who are new Esports should consider a maximum of 2 or 3 teams and appoint teams captains to help organise game days and training sessions. 


What days do we play?

Tuesday afternoons at 4:20PM starting March 9th, rosters will be released each week on Toornament.com


 Can I make a team with friends from another school?

Unfortunately not. Your teammates must attend the same school as you. The only exceptions are for distance education students who can request to tac onto another school or form their own team of distance education students with prior approval from administration. 


Where does our team play?

Different schools do different things at the moment:

  •  Play from the classroom on school PCs or student laptops

  • ·Play from a 3rd party facility such as a university or neighbouring school

  • ·Play from home and meet up online 


What equipment do we need to compete?

Most schools use their school PCs as the game is not high tech. Click here to see the system requirements to play League of Legends.


What other games are available? 

Currently, League of Legends is the only game available.


What next? 

1. Gain expression of interest from your students

2. Form teams *

3. Register your school and teams here

4. Download the game/complete the tutorial before match day

5. Play some practice matches to get the hang of the game

6. Create a Toornament.com account and keep at eye on the roster